Australia for Sale – Sold Out

Australia for Sale – Sold Out




Production Notes

  • Background: Film clip –  Australian Flag flying from the flag pole atop Parliament house – bright blue sky behind.  Running on loop for the duration of the speech.
  • Laney MacGregor’s introduction approved.
  • Sound – National Anthem played softly
  • Cut to PM following journo’s introduction.
  • Dress – PM
    • Make up tanned.
    • Navy suit single breasted
    • Pale blue tie – silk, no monogram
    • No pocket handkerchief
    • Plain white linen shirt
    • Seated at large walnut desk – cleared except for small Australian flag to PM’s right.





‘Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt you viewing to bring you a special bulletin from the Prime Minister, speaking to you from Parliament House. This is Laney MacGregor of the Channel Nine News with ground breaking news from Canberra. The Prime Minister is about to make an address to the nation and there is a small cadre of invited journalists present at this press conference. ‘

The Prime Minister Mr Arthur Fiarson:

‘Good evening, tonight I speak to you, my fellow  Australians and bring news of such great national importance that I wish to deliver it personally.  In doing so I know you will forgive this intrusion into your Sunday night viewing.  I quote from a former Prime Minister;

Fellow Australians, I say this to you never in peacetime has Australia’s future depended so much on a single decision.’

Since you elected my government three years ago we have been working to meet our election promises that we made to you, the voters.

I am pleased to announce that my Government has been successful in negotiating an economic turnaround and, as a result, we are no longer suffering from a $40 billion budget deficit.  We can now embrace a budget surplus.   A surplus, fellow Australians that will allow funding for more public hospitals, roads and education.  We will be able to expand our social welfare and mental health facilities and provide free tertiary education for all.   Aged pensions and disability pensions will be increased. The surplus will enable us to enshrine the 38 hour week and fair work practices and review and implement a more equitable taxation system.

Times have been difficult and members of parliament have done the hard yard for the man in the street in order to keep these promises.   I understand that we as a nation have been doing it tough and that there is no gain without pain.

Members of my cabinet, for example, in May last year had their pay rise frozen for 12months, and the basic pay for a member of parliament is only $195,131:00.per annum.

Rest assured we will never jeopardise Australia’s economic future by making irresponsible statements. Our promise to all Australians when we came into government was that we would turn around the economy and provide those services most needed by the community. Let me assure you that these are the factors that are the driving force behind this government’s decisions. And the news I am about to impart will deliver the surplus that will allow us to deliver the goods and services that this country needs.

Our government has been committed to providing a cleaner, healthier, safer environment for all our citizens. These undertakings are made on the firm basis of feasible, sound, well-reasoned and informed decisions. And let me tell you this, these things are doable and economically desirable. This decision will provide the funds to accomplish these tasks.

The changes we are about to make have been made possible by a bi-partisan agreement.  Both sides of the House have voted in favour of this legislation and the bill passed the Senate this evening, during an emergency session.

The Government is following the lead of the States who have leveraged  debt against the sale of land, for example in Victoria, where of prime natural forest  has been traded to reduce a debt, and the successful sale of  wine producing areas  to various overseas groups, and of prime cattle country to people residing outside Australia.

An area of 1.35 million km2, which   primarily consisting of swamps, mangroves and mudflats has been vended to an overseas Consortium for $60 billion dollars.  We have been assured by the Consortiums public relations officer, speaking on behalf of the stakeholders that under the terms of this substantial agreement there will be little impact on the day to day lives of those who live in this area.  The population of this area being a mere 244,000 individuals.

Under the very generous terms of the agreement if any resident who currently dwells in this place decides they wish to reside elsewhere they will be assisted to relocate. Let me also add they will, if Australian citizens, be welcomed into the greater Australian population.  I am sure that you will all rejoice with me in the news that we are no longer in ‘the recession we had to have,’ and that our budget now shows on paper a surplus of $20 billion dollars.

Fellow Australians thank you for your time and good night.












Production Notes

  • Background: Still clip – Australian Flag for the duration of the speech.
  • Laney MacGregor’s introduction approved.
  • Sound – National Anthem played 5:10 ratio
  • Cut to PM following journo’s introduction.
  • Dress – PM
    • Makeup pale
    • Black suit single breasted
    • Red tie – silk, no monogram
    • Red pocket handkerchief – silk, matches tie
    • Plain cream linen shirt
    • Reading glasses in hand
    • Standing at a polished wooden lectern with green library reading lamp turned on, mounted low – centre, soft glow.
    • Large Australian flag to PM’s right.




‘Ladies and gentlemen, we apologise for interrupting your viewing. Tonight we bring you a message of national importance. The Prime Minister is speaking to you direct from Parliament House. This is Laney MacGregor of the Channel Nine News with ground – breaking news from Canberra.’


The Prime Minister Mr Arthur Fiarson:

‘Fellow Australians, it is with a heavy heart I stand here, before you this evening. Exactly twelve months ago our government unveiled a plan that was to place our country in a budgetary surplus, enabling us to provide the goods and services so desperately needed.

To that end we negotiated the sale of a parcel of land to an overseas consortium.

Now one year has passed and it is my solemn and painful duty to inform you that we have been misled.

In fact, I would go so far as to say we were lied to.

Yes, we do have a budget surplus as promised, and the goods and services promised have been delivered.  But at what cost?

It grieves me to admit that my advisors provided incorrect advice and falsified documentation.  In fact let me tell you this; I have been grossly deceived.

Tonight I stand here to tell you the truth.

This vast tract of land, 1.35million km2   of prime Australian soil consists of picturesque wetlands, mangroves and ecologically important everglades which are the habitat of over 209 endangered and threatened species unique to this continent, now lies now lies in enemy hands.

This irreplaceable segment of our precious country supports a significant population of over 244,000 valued Australian citizens.  This land has been completely fenced off from the major land mass of the continent. This immense fence line is now patrolled 24 hours a day by an elite force of heavily armed militia.

All communication with the seat of government in this area has ceased. We have been made aware that all of the elected members and their staff are being held under house arrest. Effectively the area has been ceded from the Commonwealth of States and Territories that comprise our great nation.

Confidential sources have advised that the use of English has been forbidden and all religious practices have been banned, Christian and non-Christian.

Churches, Mosques and Temples have been defiled and are being used as storehouses and brothels.

The University, which supported over 24,000 students and other places of tertiary education have been closed. Secondary Schools have also been closed and many educators have been imprisoned on charges of sedition. Freedom of speech and assembly have been severely curtailed. Public gatherings of groups of more than six individuals is prohibited. All media including access to the internet, broadband and Wi-Fi sources are now controlled by the Consortium.  Those who wished to leave have not been relocated as promised they have been interred and are now working in enforced labour camps.

These are dark days my fellow Australians.  Today my government received a dispatch from the Consortium with an aggressive demand that further land be made available to them as they will be expanding their open cut mining and fracking facilities with or without permission.

We will not bend to their will.

We will not comply with their demands.

As free Australians, we must fight to protect the multi-cultural diversity that has made us a great country. We must fight to protect the Westminster system of justice that has served us so well. We must fight to protect the rights of our Indigenous people, the traditional owners of this country.

We will fight to preserve the freedoms of speech, assembly and religious practice, essential to our way of life.

Tonight I appeal to you all, to stand beside me as we face off against these faceless Corporate Oppressors who care nothing for this great country of ours, except to rape and pillage it of its natural resources and foul the air and sea with effluent while planting GMO enhanced crops.

I appeal to your sense of mateship and fair play to come together to stop this carnage.

Tonight united as one we take our first step to reclaim, the unique and biodiverse area of Australian soil, formerly known as the Northern Territory.




AUSTRALIANS – Your Country Needs You.

It is my grave duty to inform you that …tomorrow morning every Town Hall in Australia will be manned by Centrelink Officers working with the Department of Defence, providing recruitment advice and enlistment services.

Australia has declared WAR on the Consortium.

I know every one will do their  duty.

There are hard times ahead for us all.

Good night Australia and thank you.

Production note voice over

‘Ladies and gentlemen this is Laney MacGregor of the Channel Nine News signing off from Parliament House’

Should you require further information on this broadcast –

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Play national anthem – fade to close on contact message –                                   


return to normal programming.

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Linda is a poet and writer. As a mature aged student, she completed a Bachelor of Creative Writing. Master of Creative Writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Linda has also completed the Diploma of Family History Studies at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and is looking forward to further post graduate work. Published in the USC Storyboard, 2015. Self-published ‘Where is Gedhum Choekyi Nyima?’ For the Tibetan Children’s Village, Dharamsala, 1997. She now lives in Bass Coast in beautiful Wonthaggi and shares her life with her partner and their four-legged fur baby Hugo Boss

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