The following letter has bee unearthed during research and mentions my grandfather  Percy Morse

In a letter to his cousin, Mr J. Winkleman of Campbell’s Creek, Private Dave Boyd, writes from France as follows
We left the Heliopolis Camp for Serapeum on the first day of March, and .ere there for ten days. Serapeum is about half-way down the Suez Canal, between Port Suez and Port Said. .It .is not a very inviting place, with sand up to your boot-tops, and when the wind is blowing you can not see many yards in front of you for dust, so you can readily imagine that we did not put in a very good time in that place. We left Serapeum on the 27th March, and entrained straight away for Alexandria. We got in the train at one o’clock on the Monday morning, and reached our destination at nine o’clock. ‘We then embarked on ‘board the——- for France. After an uneventful voyage we landed at Marseilles on 22nd April. We had good weather going over, and luckily did not see any “steel fish” (torpedoes’) on the way. We disembarked at Marseilles on the Sunday and were entrained straight away for ———–This meant a sixty-hour train journey, and none of us was sorry when we came to our destination. We passed Paris in the distance, and the railway runs through thousands and thousands of acres of splendid vineyards—it seems nothing but vines all around, and is t he home of the wine-growers. All the womenfolk, are working in he fields over here, as all he men are away at the front fighting. We can hear the roar of the guns in the distance, so you can guess we are not too far away from them—-it sounds just like one continuous roar of thunder. We experienced our first fall of snow yesterday, and it was piercing cold and wet besides. We are billeted at the farmhouses, in barns, sheds, stables, and the tilling of the goes on just the same, and we can hardly realise that the war is waging so fiercely a few miles off, as those at home ploughing. etc.. go about their work just the same. Several Campbell’s Creek boys that I went to school with are in the same battalion along with me including Alan Fenton. Jack Wagstaff. and Perce .Morse.
07/071916 Mount Alexander mail Page 4


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Linda is a poet and writer. As a mature aged student, she completed a Bachelor of Creative Writing. Master of Creative Writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Linda has also completed the Diploma of Family History Studies at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and is looking forward to further post graduate work. Published in the USC Storyboard, 2015. Self-published ‘Where is Gedhum Choekyi Nyima?’ For the Tibetan Children’s Village, Dharamsala, 1997. She now lives in Bass Coast in beautiful Wonthaggi and shares her life with her partner and their four-legged fur baby Hugo Boss

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