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Written by Ross Watkins and illustrated by Liz Anelli published by Penguin Viking Australia RRP $24.95

published by Penguin Viking Australia RRP $24.95


This is a powerful picture book about a family’s journey with Alzheimers. For ages 5 to adult. It subtly underlines the frustration of both the person with dementia and their support persons.

Explaining the impact of dementia to a child is never an easy process. This book views the transitioning of a father with Alzheimers through the eyes of his child. Having lost a parent to Lewy Body Dementia 18 months ago this book hit a responsive chord. It is a thoughtful book tinged with sadness but it also has a positive side.The book is dedicated to a member of the author’s family. This one is a keeper.

 Dementia in its associated forms is now the second highest cause of death in Australia. Although this deals with Alzheimers, and not LBD it remains an excellent book for leading a discussion relating to the altered capacity of any person with dementia

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Linda is a poet and writer. As a mature aged student, she completed a Bachelor of Creative Writing and is now a postgraduate student at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Published in the USC Storyboard, 2015. Self-published ‘Where is Gedhum Choekyi Nyima?’ For the Tibetan Children’s Village, Dharamsala, 1997. She lives in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and shares her life with her partner and their four-legged fur babies Hugo and Tashi-la..

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