Voters have spoken

Voters have spoken

TRUMP is the President Elect. Americans have voted exercising their democratic right. Only 56% of eligible Americans have voted.

What has drawn America to this point in their history? Is it the same set of drivers that caused the dissatisfaction in the UK and resulted in Brexit?

Is it the same uncertainty that is driving large numbers of Australians to follow fear mongering racists in our own country? Before we criticise the USA, take a long hard look at our own political makeup.

It is as if we have regressed to the 1930s and the world is in turmoil. We must blame someone other than ourselves, someone must pay! Let’s play find the scapegoat!

Our leaders have no morals or values and those who peddle fear and blame, religious and ethnic bigotry are looking like champions.

As a group, we are reaping what we have sown. We have become complacent and lack compassion. The spoilt, throwaway society. No longer do we save for what we need. We take what we want and declare bankruptcy later. Bigger houses, bigger cars and TVs. Your house is not a home unless you have a pool and a games or entertainment room.

Little by little we have abrogated our personal freedoms until it is too late and we now have restrictions that are unbelievable. We have blamed others for our problems and not had the courage to stand up and take responsibility for our own actions. It is easier to let them do it, to let them take the blame. Who are “the them”, we all keep referring to?

We have othered huge groups of people. Those who cannot find employment, the disadvantaged, the ill, the older people in our society. We have closed our minds to the terror and torment on our doorstep- because those people really don’t count they are faceless. We don’t know them.

We forget the terror and subjugation, we as white settlers inflicted on the First Nation People. We resist acknowledging the issues we have caused through our actions since settlement.

Our forebears were all refugees of one form or another; albeit prisoners of mother England, fleeing from religious bigotry, the Franco-Prussian Wars, poverty, the breakup of Europe and political oppression.

They were all looking for a new life, a chance to start again. This occurred at the detriment of the First Nation People and we are all still dealing with the results of these actions. And now we have the temerity to close our borders to others attempting to escape the same situations and we justify our actions by saying it was a different world back then.

We have closed our eyes to world – wide genocide because it does not impact on us personally and we believe that violence with guns and weapons of mass destruction is the answer. We watch as superpowers support both sides. If American was not at war on numerous fronts, where would a large part of its domestic profit come from? If there was no need for such a large armed presence where would the people now employed in the services find jobs? How would the industries who support their war effort survive?

We fight terrorism with terrorism and create terrorists by disenfranchising those who have already suffered.

We have allowed the takeover of our industries and land by financial stealth. We have adopted an “it will be OK approach” because we want our world to be sanitised we do not want to face the truth.

Shareholders are on social media bleating that corporations are doing the wrong thing, but fail to wield the power they have to pull corporations into line. It’s easier to blame some faceless board of directors than it is to stand up and demand action.

The greatest evils, Monsanto, and pharmaceutical companies walk hand in hand, buying DNA and preventing the manufacture and sale of products that can alleviate pain and suffering. Nestles CEO says fresh clean water is not a human right, it is a commodity to be bought and sold and governments, by their actions agree. What is next? Will we need to pay for clean air?

We prefer to watch Gogglebox and reality TV, we are more in tune with the Kardashians and stay as far from the reality of real life as possible.
Mining companies frack our land where our crops are grown. Rivers can be ignited with a spark and waterways are poisoned. Who benefits from these actions? Corporations and their shareholders.

Climate change, plate movement, earthquakes, and tremors in lands where fracking is evident. But don’t listen to the loonies it is all part of the natural order of things.

Perhaps it is. Dinosaurs died out because they could not adapt, is the human race about to face the same plight as the dinosaur? Is what we will leave behind salvageable? Is dystopia no longer a word found in a literary discussion but a real possibility?

TRUMP is a man who has shown the value of money and fear and what it can buy. Supreme power. But do not blame the people who voted him into power. The blame lies with each of us who have not stood up against injustice, who have turned away and said let someone else solve the problem, who have become complacent and mired in this society of instant gratification and the need for material possessions.

We have become internal isolationists.

Our society has no compassion and revels in the glory of ‘Bread and Circuses”.

May whatever power you pray to help us because in the coming months and years we will need help from a greater and more compassionate power.

About lindandsam

Linda is a poet and writer. As a mature aged student, she completed a Bachelor of Creative Writing. Master of Creative Writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Linda has also completed the Diploma of Family History Studies at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and is looking forward to further post graduate work. Published in the USC Storyboard, 2015. Self-published ‘Where is Gedhum Choekyi Nyima?’ For the Tibetan Children’s Village, Dharamsala, 1997. She now lives in Bass Coast in beautiful Wonthaggi and shares her life with her partner and their four-legged fur baby Hugo Boss

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