Cape Paterson Photo Journal 2019

CLICK LINK TO OPEN PRESENTATION – it will download to the bottom corner of your screen – once loaded click on the presentation to open  and run. Use your mouse or navigation arrows to navigate the content.

One of the courses undertaken at UTAS  this year was the Photo Essay, and I elected to focus on a local beach. Cape Paterson is a ten minute drive from home and these photos were taken over a period of two weeks, using my trusty iPad camera and with very little editing other than cropping.  I have always loved photography, but never considered myself to be anthng but a memory keeper – taking photos for personal memories and often not very good photos.

I have always loved using the shapes and forms of nature and man made structures rather than happy snaps and jumped at the chance to do this unit.

The feedback I received was awesome and I have attached the PowerPoint show to this blog post  to share it with you.

To access the visuals click on the  link above and the PowerPoint show  will appear in the bottom corner  of your screen.  Click n the link to open the presentation.  Enjoy the show. 

This is the feedback I recieved-

Hi Linda,
The images you have selected successfully demonstrate your use of a 

variety of design and composition techniques. The combination of collage and single images, and the shifting camera point of view across the series adds visual interest. The single images provide important pauses within the photo-essay.



Your prior writing experience is evident in your beautifully crafted captions. The text is beautifully written and has a great rhythm. It creates a real backbone to your photo essay as the visual imagery in the text connects to the content within your photographs. I enjoy the viewer participation you engage by inviting the viewer to see your imaginative interpretations of the rock shapes and forms.
Your photo essay effectively combines words and images to tell a story. There is a strong location based visual narrative as we follow your beach walk. The text encourages us to enter another world and see the beauty, mystery and timelessness of the beach landscape. Or perhaps it is more apt to say that the photo essay prompts us to see the world as it really is if we take the time to look. Excellent work!

Best wishes for your future photography and writing endeavours,



About lindandsam

Linda is a poet and writer. As a mature aged student, she completed a Bachelor of Creative Writing. Master of Creative Writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Linda has also completed the Diploma of Family History Studies at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and is looking forward to further post graduate work. Published in the USC Storyboard, 2015. Self-published ‘Where is Gedhum Choekyi Nyima?’ For the Tibetan Children’s Village, Dharamsala, 1997. She now lives in Bass Coast in beautiful Wonthaggi and shares her life with her partner and their four-legged fur baby Hugo Boss

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  1. I, too, found this Unit to be a great way to extend myself. Great photos, Linda… and I really liked how you found references in classic literature to link with your work.

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  2. Beautiful photos and text, Linda. As a reader and viewer, I entered your beach walk through your pictures and words, seeing nature’s designs and feeling your delight at their discovery. It was quite magical, and a bit of a jolt to see man-made structures and signs at the end of the tour.


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