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Memorial Ball 1925


1925  Landsborough

Memorial Hall Ball.

On Friday night, a most successful ball was held in the Memorial Hall, in aid of the hall funds. The music was supplied H Dyer (piano), Fred Bachelor (violin) Fred Heritage (drums). Mr. J. Gilvear acted as M.C.  During the evening a chocolate waltz was held and was won by Mr. Stennett. The Xmas hamper was won by Mr. W. Leach. The ladies served a very nice supper and the whole affair was a great success. The net takings were £12.


Daphne Gehrke (four years) was badly burned through a benzine iron exploding.  Both legs were burned. The Ambulance rendered first aid and the patient was conveyed to the hospital.

1925 ‘Landsborough’, Nambour Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser (Qld. : 1922 – 1954), 24 December, p. 9. , viewed 09 May 2016,





Landsborough Memorial Hall
On Saturday, 4th April, the Memorial Hall Committee held a successful euchre party and dance . The euchre tables were well patronised. and the prizes were won by Mrs. Guymer and Jack Donnelly. The consolation prizes went to Mrs. Sebbbens and Eric Hancock. Mr. H. Dye supplied the music, and Mr. Fred Heritage carried out the duties of MC , During the evening a pair of ducks were raffled and won by Miss O’Desly. The chocolate waltz was won by W. Manthy. A mystery box competition was held, and Mrs. Manthy, Miss Ivy Batchelor, and Mr. Ron Rickaby all guessed correctly — a pair of slippers — and on drawing for the prize Mr. R. Rickaby was successful. The Memorial Hall
will benefit by a neat little sum as a result of the effort.

Mr. Ted Tytherleigh had a narrow escape from breaking his arm whilst cranking a Ford truck. The handle flew back and caught him on the wrist. The Ambulance rendered first aid and conveyed the patient to Beerburrum, where the arm was found to be badly

The Enterprise Sawmill changed hands during Easter, Mr. P. Imberger. who erected the mill, purchasing it from Mr. Wilde.

On Easter Saturday the Palmwoods Jazz Band paid a visit to Landsborough and conducted a jazz in the Memorial hall. Unfortunately a large number of people were away on holidays, and only a medium crowd assembled. Nevertheless, those present speak of a good time, and no doubt the Palmwoods Jazz Band will be heard again in Landsborough at an early date.

A large number of residents journeyed to Caloundra during Easter This popular seaside place Is badly hampered by the shocking stats of the roads. Practically every car that travelled, to
Caloundra had the pleasure of being bogged.

On Wednesday afternoon the ladies committee of the Memorial hall held a meeting to further the celebrating the anniversary of the opening of the Memorial Hall. A sports programme
is being arranged for the afternoon, and a plain and fancy dress and poster ball at night.

An enjoyable tennis match was played between a Brisbane team and Landsborough on Easter Monday on the Caversham Courts. The Landsborough players entertained the visitors to lunch at the Elite cafe, and during the afternoon dainty afternoon tea was supplied by the. ladies. The rain prevented the completion of the
match, but as far as the play went Landsborough had six games to the good.
The result of play was as follows:
Mr. Petridge and Miss Smith v. F. Burns and M.Perrin, 6-3;
Mr. Anderson and Miss Hollins v. Mr. Cowley and Mrs. Gehrke, 2-6;
Mr. George and Miss Connell v. Mr. Gehrke and Miss Hooper, 3-6; Mr Hill and Miss Irving v. Mr. Hussel and H. Layt, 6-4 ;
Mr, Pelridge and Miss Smith v. Mrs. Gehrke and Cowley, 4-6;
Mr. Anderson and Miss Holllns v. Mr. Gehrke and Miss Hooper, 3-6;
Mr. George and Miss Connell v. Mr Russell and H. Layt, 6-3;
Mr. Hill and Miss Irving v. Mr. Burns and Miss Parrin, 4-6;
totals. Brisbane 34, Landsborough 40.

1925 ‘Landsborough’, Nambour Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser (Qld. : 1922 – 1954), 17 April, p. 9. , viewed 09 May 2016,

Photo courtesy of Mrs Dawn Wendt – now in Landsborough Hall Collection